Company Introduction (Codebase Staffing India PVT LTD) currently has a team of more than 40+ phenomenal developers serving US clients. We started in the spring of 2018, and have been growing aggressively.

We are located in Pune, Baner & Magarpatta, and serve US companies focusing heavily on enterprise SaaS, eCommerce, and mobile applications.

Some of the core technologies that we support include Python, Node.js, React, Angular, and many more. We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies.


  1. Strong knowledge of .NET Core, EF Core, LINQ, jQuery, Web API, and Web Service Clients
  2. Proficient in C# with expert knowledge of the .NET Framework
  3. Strong understanding of object-oriented programming
  4. Strong understanding of UI/UX and web design using .NET Core and other frameworks
  5. Hands-on experience with MS SQL server database
  6. Solid understanding of execution plans, query optimization as well as index tuning
  7. Familiar with Angular 1.x / Angular / React
  8. Good understanding of various design and architectural patterns
  9. Knowledge of concurrency patterns
  10. Passion for writing clean, readable, and easily maintainable code
  11. Basic understanding of Azure DevOps - Boards, Repos, Pipelines, Builds, & Artifacts
  12. Proficient understanding of code versioning and tools such as Git or SVN
  13. Experience of 8-12 years

Personal Requirements:

  1. Exceptional communication and follow-up skills
  2. Strong troubleshooting & problem-solving skills
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Friendly, helpful, positive attitude