Company Introduction (Codebase Staffing India PVT LTD) currently has a team of more than 40+ phenomenal developers serving US clients. We started in the spring of 2018, and have been growing aggressively.

We are located in Pune, Baner & Magarpatta, and serve US companies focusing heavily on enterprise SaaS, eCommerce, and mobile applications.

Some of the core technologies that we support include Python, Node.js, React, Angular, and many more. We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies.

About the Position:

As a JavaScript Developer, you will oversee all duties related to the front/back-end platform, from developing designs for complicated applications to analyzing code. This includes optimizing applications, ensuring UI/UX feasibility, and implementing API designs and architecture.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop and enhance the performance of the main front-end website
  • Create new user-facing features and front end applications for various platforms
  • Modify/maintain complex existing applications and develop new specifications and designs
  • Perform requirements analysis, identification of code metrics, code analysis, system risk analysis, usability, automation, and software reliability analysis
  • Design and develop parts and modules of a software platform built on top of a distributed-computational model
  • Support, maintain and troubleshoot live instances of the platform components
  • Understand the CI/CD pipeline and follow the rules of the development process, including the process of improving the rules
  • Support legacy software
  • Work autonomously within a strict range of working hours

Qualifications, Experience, and Requirements

  • At least 3 or more years of experience in web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Good understanding of JavaScript fundamentals
  • Full-stack web development experience
  • Experience with a responsive design for desktop (GTH – Mobile)
  • Extensive HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery coding experience
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript both server-side and client-side
  • Strong knowledge of ReactJS, Redux, and all corresponding client-side software tech-stack and technologies
  • Thorough understanding of REACT and its core principles.
  • Well-versed in Typescript and JavaScript fundamentals and experience developing SPAs.
  • Strong Hands-on experience with Node.js
  • Hands-on experience with creating complex views
  • Strong hands-on experience with Linux and Unix based development
  • Good understanding of RESTful APIs
  • Good understanding of databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB
  • Hands-on skills in using Git, PR-driven process, CI/CD full-cycle pipeline in day-to-day development
  • Ability to work in an Agile environment
  • Familiar with Docker, microservices, containers
  • Familiar with Angular / Angular UI toolkits and popular libraries within Angular (1.x and above) ecosystem