Company Introduction

Codebase is a young software services company with a great pool of tech savvy developers. We started in the spring of 2018, and have been growing aggressively.

We are located in Pune, India, and serve software product companies across the globe; focusing on enterprise SaaS, eCommerce, cloud and application development. Some of the core technologies that we support include DevOps, Cloud, Python, Node.js, React, Cloud, Mobile, and many more. We take pride in leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Job Description

As a FullStack JavaScript Developer, you will oversee all duties related to the front-end development. You will be responsible to develop, deploy and maintain various plug-in and extensions.

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Design & develop Web Application
    • Design & develop Chrome plug-ins
    • Design & develop Twitch and Discord server plug-ins
    • Build and deploy the plug-ins
    • Understand the requirements and create the functionalities for the plug-ins
    • Create and style the user interface of your plugin
    • Confidently work with Chrome APIs
    • Conduct code reviews
    • Support, maintain and troubleshoot the live/production instances
    • Understand the CI/CD pipeline and follow the rules of the development process, including the process of improving the rules
    • Implement effective logging and exception handling
    • Ensure that each plugin meets the security compliances
    • Work autonomously within a strict range of working hours

    Skills Required

      • Experience in creating and styling HTML elements to create the user interface of the plugin.
      • Extensive experience in HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery coding experience
      • Hands-on experience in ReactJS and Redux
      • Hands-on experience in Node.JS
      • Proficient in JavaScript to create the functionality of the plugin and interact with the Chrome API.
      • Strong understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility and web development standards
      • Hands-on experience with Linux and Unix based development
      • Good understanding of RESTful APIs
      • Good understanding of the Chrome API, which allows to access and manipulate the browser’s features and functionality.
      • Hands-on skills in using Git, PR-driven process, CI/CD full-cycle pipeline in day-to-day development
      • Advanced understanding of browser working
      • Create and deploy Google Chrome Extensions
      • Experience with Chrome Web Store and understanding of internal enterprise apps
      • Hands-on experience working with cognitive services from Azure and GCP
      • Hands-on experience working with Vonage video conferencing (OpenTok) and SIP /TLS integration
      • Hands-on experience working with Twilio

      Personal Requirements

      • Exceptional communication and follow-up skills
      • Understanding of Agile Methodology
      • Strong problem - solving and analytical skills
      • Attention to details
      • Friendly, helpful and positive attitude
      • Ability to work in an Agile environment.